Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Winner-2015 Conference Takeaways

Jabril contributed, networked and danced away the night with his new EACE colleagues. Follow Jabril’s advice: apply for EACE diversity award and launch YOUR career!

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My First EACE 2015 Conference Takeaways

I’ve always enjoyed attending professional conferences, even before my work as a career counselor. Being surrounded by students and professionals, with varying backgrounds and levels of knowledge and skills, provides not only invaluable learning opportunities, but the chance to reenergize and renew a love for the kind of work we do, and the people we serve on a daily basis. Held in Pittsburgh, PA, this past year’s EACE 2015 conference was all of that–one that I won’t soon forget!

Being selected for the Diversity Advancement Scholarship– a student membership award in memory of Rick McLellan, was a privilege I am eternally grateful for. The financial opportunity it provided me to be present at the conference, as well as being recognized on stage at a special Awards Luncheon, was unbelievable. I encourage anyone reading this: if you’re eligible for this one-year scholarship–APPLY!


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